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24 Hours a Day 7 Days A Week Emergency Service

Our emergency Technicians service All of Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Tennessee.  Our dispatchers carefully plan though proprietary software our routes for maximum efficiency and service.


Emergency Response

Time is money, we know that and when you call us for service our #1 Priority is to respond and set up a call as quickly as we can.


Fast Service with Multiple Locations

We have multiple locations to dispatch from to reach you when you need us.  


When Experience Matters

We have the most highly skilled technicians available be it:

  • C-stores

  • Truck Stops

  • Alternative Fuels

  • POS Systems

  • Veeder Root

  • Restorations

  • New Constructions

Let us take care of your needs so you can focus on the rest of the business.

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